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Keep Families Together, (KFT) Foundation

Keep Families Together: is a 501c3 Non-profit organization that aims to bring families and children together especially those in detention centres. Following the recent appalling news around June 2018 of children being separated from their parents and into detention centers, it is in this light we took a stand and act as a responsible corporation by embarking on the Keep Families Together Charity.

  • The separation of families is not just happening at the border, it’s happening right here in the United States. The families are being targeted right where they live.

  • The kids and parents are handcuffed right before their families eyes causing a traumatic experience for children and their parents.

  • This is happening to all immigrants within the United States that are either out of status or no status.


Restore human dignity and balance by reuniting children and families. Strengthen the community by providing mental health counseling and behavioral health for those affected by trauma caused by family separation.

  • Hiring Immigration Lawyers to represent both children and families in court.

  • Assist children to get bonds, through the help of Lawyers.

  • To hire Psychologists and Therapists to help deal with the Mental trauma.

“The prolonged separation in detention centres, risks traumatizing children who are already fleeing nightmarish situations in their home countries. The policy is a strategy setting children up for psychological scars that will take a lifetime to undo, states Psychiatry Professor at the University of Texas, Luis Zayas.

Zayas further states that the Trauma and stress impact the growth patterns of the brain that can cause decision-making, social development and intellectual capacity to be impaired. It really is an inhumane approach to handling the refugee crisis”.

“Mental health is a severe disease and we should not overlook it. It is time to stand up for Liberation for the Kids, and says Creative Director Miss Dambe” supporting Keep Families Together Foundation at the recent March and Rally Los Angeles as she gave her speech in front of thousands of people at McArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA on July 21, 2018.”  


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